Develop an attitude of gratitude

The practice of daily gratitude can support you in the toughest times, but it’s hard to start it when times are tough. If you start practising gratitude daily, you will find over time that it comes naturally to you even when you feel there is nothing to be grateful for.

Put down 3 things that you are grateful for daily. The way to start is by thinking of how you will record your gratitude.

If you are like me, then go out there and buy yourself a beautiful diary and buy that fountain pen that you’ve been dreaming of or if you prefer using your phone, then download an app for it. The next thing you need to do is find a time of day that you will record your gratitude. There is no right and wrong time, just pick one and do it around the same time every day, think of it like brushing your teeth. Think of what you could be grateful for.

Here are some things to think of, 1. today I am grateful to receive…. it could be a phone call, love, laughter, chocolate cake… 2. Today I am grateful to experience…. joy at hearing the birds outside my window, peace at seeing the ocean, excitement while reading my book…. 3 Today I am grateful to myself for… holding my silence, making that phone call, showing generosity…

Start today and notice and changes in your self. Do let me know how it’s going for you and things that you’re grateful for.

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