Consultants @ Enable

Neha Shah

Neha Shah is the founder of Enable. She is a special/remedial educator with an experience of more than a decade in the field. She holds a B.Ed. in (Spl.Ed.), and M.Sc. in Mental Health of People with Learning Disabilities (U.K.) She is also registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India. She has previously worked at the Learning Centre in Victoria Memorial School for the Blind and J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai and Ika Children’s Centre.

Priyanka Shah Dattani

Priyanka Shah Dattani is a mental health counsellor with over 18 years of experience in the field. She holds a M.A. and M.S.(U.K.) in counselling. She is currently a consultant at SRCC Children’s Hospital and at Enable Therpay Centre.

Rakshanda Inam

Rakshanda Inam is mental health counsellor and dance movement Therapy practioner for children, youth and adults. She holds her M.A. in Social Psychology and Diploma in Dance movement Therapy with strong understanding of Child Rights Child Protection issues and Juvenile Justice System. With a cumulative experience of 19 years, she also trains children and youth living in institutions and communities for life skills.

Rachana Sundaram

Rachana is a professionally trained coach from the Coach For Life Institute, USA. She has worked as an entrepreneur and run a successful business for 15 years. Rachana decided to pursue her passion for education and has worked in the Non-profit sector for more than 10 years in organisations ranging from Mobile Creche Mumbai, Educo and The Akanksha Foundation. She has trained teachers and coached school leaders to help them become more effective by leveraging their strengths and beliefs.

Angi Vora

Angi Vora is a Music Therapist and Sound Healer. She holds a Diploma in Music Therapy and Certificate in Sound Healing. She continually trains in Indian Classical music as well as practices various therapeutic instruments to conduct therapy sessions. Having worked with mental health clinics, children with special needs, and various NGOs, she combines her training and passion for music to create a unique experience for her clients.

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