Special Education

If your child has been diagnosed with a severe learning disability, intellectual disability; visual, hearing or sensory impairments; or autism, then special education is the answer.

Special educators offer training in life skills, study skills, prevocational and vocational studies as well as modification of curriculum as per the child’s needs, and support to parents.

At Enable, the process of special education involves parent interview, educational and medical history taking, assessment, discussing long and short-term goals, planning an individual program (IEP) and imparting special education sessions.

We attempt to collaborate with all the stakeholders to the best of our ability.

At present we are equipped to help children diagnosed with severe learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and children on the autism spectrum.

We offer these services at the centre and online. The first meeting has to be at the centre. Contact Us

Learn more about special education in this video by Ms. Neha Shah (youtube link)

Other Related Offerings

Home Program for Parents

This is an IEP based program that is a combination of weekly online support to parents and quarterly contact session at the centre. It is complete with a feedback loop and monitoring of child’s achievements on the IEP as the parent teaches their own child. This is useful for parents who cannot travel with their children to the centre on a regular basis. Contact Us to know more.

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