Remedial Education

“Going to a remedial educator doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has a learning disability BUT your child will need a remedial or special educator if diagnosed with a learning disability.”

Remedial Education is for your child when they are clearly unable to cope as well as their age group in one or all of the areas of reading, writing, spelling and math. If you constantly see that they are lagging behind in their academic work, you should immediately consider getting remedial education for your child.

Remedial education is not ‘tuition classes.’  It is a specialized instruction imparted by trained teachers to aid the learner in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and math. This training for the learner will help them in succeeding in academics and close the gap between their potential and achievement.

A remedial educator helps the learner to not only master the strategies to acquire the foundational skills for reading, writing, spelling and math, but also teaches them to apply the same in their day to day academic life. The remedial educator also works on their cognitive skills such as memory, executive functioning, etc.

Remedial Education is the most sought out services at our centre.

At Enable, the process of remedial education involves interview with the parents, assessment by a remedial/special educator, and developing an Individual Education Program (IEP). This is followed by remedial instruction given to the child for 1 hour, every twice or thrice a week (depending on the goals agreed in the IEP) and monitoring the child’s progress. The ratio of the child to teacher is always 1:1.

We also collaborate with the child’s school team and other professionals if the parents or the school request it.

We offer remedial education at our centre as well as online via video calling. Contact Us.

Learn more about remedial Education in this video by Ms. Neha Shah. (Youtube link)

Other Related Offerings

Screening for Learning Disabilities

We offer our ‘screening’ services for early identification of children who may be at risk for a learning disability. This aids in providing early-intervention to the children to minimize the impact on the child’s learning. Screening can be done for children in the age range of 5-10 years. (Link to contact us)

Home Program for Children

This is an IEP-based program exclusively for children. It has to be accessed and worked on by the children online at their own pace. This program is recommended for children who have become fairly independent in their remedial training and need continued practice of concepts. A new assignment is posted or emailed for the child every day with a deadline. Written, Verbal or Video Feedback is provided on their submitted work. This program doesn’t require the child to be face to face with the instructor. This program is for children 10 years of age and above. (Link to Form)

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