Enable Outreach and Training

Enable for Institutions

At Enable, we are involved reaching out to the larger community in the field of mental health and special education. Our outreach work has taken our team to set up educational resource centres and conduct training in the interiors of rural and semi-urban Gujarat and Maharashtra for private and trust-run mid-sized institutions.

At present we execute our outreach program in these three phases –


  • Meeting the stakeholders and understanding the needs of the institution to set goals.
  • Matching the goals with the skill set provided by Enable.


  • Needs-based observations and assessments in the institution.
  • Providing feedback to the stake holders.
  • Formulation an action plan for the institution.


  • Executing the plan to achieve the goals.
  • Training the immediate stakeholders (leadership and heads) and other employees to make them independent towards the educational and structural needs with regular monthly follow-up.

Our team of counsellors, special educators and life coach collaborate to create the best outcomes for the institutions.

Enable for Parents and Graduate Students

If you are a parent of child diagnosed with a disability or a budding psychologist/special educator, intern with us! Your education and your experience can be of channelized in reaching out to many more in need. Learn hands on from us and use your time well.

Enable for Professionals

Whether you are already working in the area of mental health, special education and psychological assessments, or just looking for a cozy space to work from, come and join our every growing community!

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