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A cozy centre snugly located in the residential locality of Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai, but not limited by its physical space, Enable Therapy Centre is a facility where professionals in the field of mental health and special education can practice, collaborate and research. Born out of the sheer need of growing concerns related to mental well-being as well to fill in the lacunae in services provided for education of people with special needs in urban India, Enable Therapy Centre boasts of reaching out to parents, adults, adolescents, institutions as well as budding psychologists and educators in Maharashtra and Gujarat in two years of its existence. Our modern approach and online presence aim at making reaching out for help ‘barrier free’.

Neha Shah

Neha Shah is the founder of Enable. She is a special/remedial educator with an experience of more than a decade in the field. She holds a B.Ed. in (Spl.Ed.), and M.Sc. in Mental Health of People with Learning Disabilities (U.K.) She is also registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India. She has previously worked at the Learning Centre in Victoria Memorial School for the Blind and J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai and Ika Children’s Centre.


“We are committed to providing informed, research backed, quality professional services and engaging in best practices in mental health and education to build an inclusive community.”

‘Enable’ seeks to be not just a centre, but a movement to build an inclusive community that brings together mental health professionals, educators and care givers of people with disabilities and mental health issues in India. We believe that our unique national identity with its myriad philosophies and heritage combined with trained personnel locally as well as from different parts of the world can come together to ‘enable’ a change towards an inclusive community in the Indian context.


Our mission is to provide not only the therapy sought out but also to build skills, provide support and reach out.

You can be a student, an intern, a mentor, a professional, a parent, a homemaker, a leader, a care giver, a survivor or someone who needs temporary assistance. The movement for inclusion seeks to draw from fresh ideas; experienced minds; and hearts that want to make a difference. #enableforall

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